Magnetic mSwing

A permanently staffed reception desk, employees known to the security staff, lots of external visitors or large groups – there are many applications where a flexible access solution is more practical than a high level of security or the automatic recording of people entering and exiting the building. Introducing the versatile specialist – the mSwing security lane – which can be opened at the push of a button at reception or by users via the mPost card-reader.

Thanks to the maximum passageway width of 2400 mm in the double door version and automatic opening in the event of a power cut or alarm, the mSwing meets the technical guidelines and statutory regulations for providing safe routes out of the building.

With drive and controls all housed within the central pillar and designed for 10.000.000 opening and closing cycles, the mSwing isn’t only easy to use, but requires little maintenance and no additional control software.


Technical data mSwing
Application Indoor and outdoor
Passage width Standard: 1000 mm
Wide Lane: 1200 mm
(more on request)
Barrier element height Standard: 994 mm
(more on request)
Opening/closing time 2,0 – 5,5 s, depending on barrier element dimensions
Opening angle Adjustable from 0–300°
Drive technology MHTM™
Control system MGC
Voltage 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Maximum 45 W
Duty cycle 100%
Housing material Aluminium
Housing height 1092 mm
Housing diameter Maximal 183 mm
Enclosure rating IP 54
Weight About 40 kg
Temperature range −30 to +55 °C