Integrated swing door systems

Providing safe entrances with unique features

The ASSA ABLOY SW200 I swing door system is designed for entrances where aesthetics, superior safety and sustainability are important. With no visible arm and an integrated operator, this door system is unique on the market and makes a perfect fit to entrances in harsh environments like schools and transport hubs. With no visible operator, this door system doesn’t require any extra cleaning on top of the operator and arm.

It is built to withstand stack pressure and a high wind load and comes with an optional battery back-up, making sure that the door performs in any weather or power outage.

Available in both single and double arrangements and ready for easy cable routing, the ASSA ABLOY SW200 I can easily be integrated into your building. 

Safety features

Meeting all EU regulations, the ASSA ABLOY SW200 I is ready to be used by any pedestrian, regardless of age and physical ability. A round back edge provides built-in anti-finger trap protection and along with intelligent locking features ensures that your entrance is safe and protected against accidents and unwanted guests. Combine your revolving door entrance with the ASSA ABLOY SW200 I for a safe and reliable handicap access to your building. 


All ASSA ABLOY automatic doors prioritize sustainability, making sure that they only open and close when someone needs to pass through, ensuring minimal energy consumption. The ASSA ABLOY SW200 I also has specially designed brushes to minimize unnecessary air infiltration, making it even more sustainable. 

Safety compliance

The ASSA ABLOY SW200 I swing door system fully complies with EN 16005 safety standard.

ASSA ABLOY SW200 I swing door system

  • Power supply: 100-240 V AC, +10/-15%, 50/60Hz, mains fuse max. 10A (building installation)
  • Power consumption max. 300 W
  • Auxiliary voltage: 24 V DC, max. 700 mA
  • Monitored battery backup unit: 24 V DC
  • Electromechanical locking connection: 12 V DC max. 1200 mA or 24 V DC max. 600 mA
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C to +45°C
  • Relative humidity (non condensing) 95%
  • Recommended max. door weight and door width, Inertia J = door weight x (door width)²/3, concealed = 80 kgm²
  • Class of protection IP20