Automate access of your environments with reliability, security and elegance.

The FAAC A951 swing door automation represents excellence in terms of technology and design. Designed for internal doors with a leaf length between 700 and 1100 mm and a maximum weight of 100 kg, A951 guarantees silent and smooth opening and closing, bringing maximum comfort to everyday life.

Main features

  • Ease of use: A951 adapts perfectly to every need, allowing you to open the doors with a simple button, sensor or remote control. With the PUSH&GO function, just one touch is enough to activate automatic opening.
  • Compact and elegant design: The anodized extruded aluminum cover not only protects the automation but adds a touch of elegance to the environment. Thanks to its overall dimensions of just 7 cm, installation is simple and discreet.
  • Certified safety: Compliance with the European standard EN 16005, guaranteeing maximum safety, with speed and force programmable based on the size of the door.
  • Advanced technology: Equipped with a microprocessor and encoder, A951 continuously monitors all door activities, ensuring precision and safety. The side selector allows you to choose the operating logic between automatic, manual, night and open.
  • Energy efficiency: Silent and low consumption, A951 offers significant energy savings both during stand-by and operation.

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Power supply voltage

220-240V AC 50/60 Hz

Max power


Standby power


Use frequency


Electric lock power supply voltage


Electric motor

Motor powered at 24V DC

Max accessories load

1A - 24V DC

Electric lock power supply voltage

(N.O./N.C.) 24V DC / 500 mA max

Dimensions (LxDxH)

575 x 60 x 70 mm


7 Kg

Operation in case of power cut

Manual push/pull opening

Max. leaf opening angle

100° ÷ 125°

Opening leaf time

4 - 10s (adjustable)

Closing leaf time

4 - 10s (adjustable)

Partial opening adjustment

Standard (adjustable)

Pause time

0 - 30 s

Night pause time

0 ÷ 90 s


As standard

Protection sensor monitoring (EN16005)

As standard (may be excluded)

Low energy movement (EN16005)

As standard (may be excluded)

Operating ambient temperature

-20°C ÷ +55°C

Protection class

IP 23 (for internal use only)

Compliance with regulations

EN16005; EN61000-6-2; EN61000-6-3; EN13849