Entrance Matting

FAAC Entrance Solutions can provide entrance matting as an addition to any installation. 

COBA Flooring Plan.a is a high-end entrance matting product offering excellent product performance along with options for design customisation, Plan.a can be tailored to suit an array of building styles and entrance configurations. Comprised of an aluminium rail system linked with flexible joints, it offers the utmost durability for busy buildings. Genuinely handmade to order in the UK, providing reassurance of precision and quality.



Material: Aluminium rails, PVC connection strips, ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon, PP or PVC inlays

Surface Finish: Carpet, brushes or scrapers

Product Height: 10 mm, 17 mm

Durability: Heavy to very heavy traffic entrances

Environmental Resistance: Suitable for wet and dry environments

UV Resistance: Yes

Typical Applications: Entrance areas

Installation Method: Installed in to recessed matwell or surface mounted with ramped edges

Other Product Performance Information: Uniform floor load = 14.36 KN/ m². Wheel load 159 kg per wheel

Fire Tested to: Alba inserts: BS EN 13501-1 Class Cfl – s1. PVC scraper inserts: BS EN 13501-1 Class Cfl – s2.

COO (Country of Origin): UK

Notes: Alba is a tufted carpet product and therefore its appearance can vary depending on the direction of the pile and the light in the surrounding environment. To achieve a uniform appearance consider hoovering the product in a single direction.

Slip Tested to: BS 7976-2 – low slip potential