FAAC All Glass Sliding Automatic Door

FAAC All Glass Sliding Automatic Door

Elevate your entrance effortlessly with the FAAC All Glass Sliding Automatic Door, where safety seamlessly meets style. Our FAAC All Glass sliding door system is not just elegant, but it's also packed with safety features for your peace of mind.

The FAAC All Glass Sliding Automatic Door comes with a range of key features designed to enhance both safety and style. When it comes to design choices, the modern aesthetic is achieved with the sleek FAAC All Glass flush glazed system. Tailor your installation with fixing options such as FAAC beam-mounted or wall-mounted and choose the glass type that suits your preference - either 10mm or 12mm toughened laminated glass. For added safety, opt for flush glazed sidelights, and customise the threshold to meet your specific installation needs.

The FAAC All Glass Sliding Automatic Door's Operation and Control System prioritises safety and convenience. An intelligent energy-saving feature minimises consumption for an eco-friendly operation. For safety, doors reverse on obstruction detection. Automatic adjustments guarantee smooth operation, and protection sensors enhance safety. Choose from various activation methods and select your preferred operation mode from options like the FAAC SDK EVO multi-mode selector.

Download the pdf below for the full specification.