FAAC Airslide

FAAC Airslide Automatic Sliding Door

Introducing the FAAC AIRSLIDE: The Ultimate Automatic Sliding Door with Built-In Air Curtain

Experience the perfect fusion of convenience and efficiency with the AIRSLIDE system. This innovative solution seamlessly combines automatic opening and air curtain technologies in one sleek unit, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits. Its modern design effortlessly integrates into any architectural setting.

Combat extreme weather with the built-in air barrier, providing a shield against winter cold and summer heat without any wasteful air dispersion. Designed specifically for automatic entrances, AIRSLIDE keeps indoor air inside, contributing to energy savings.

Say goodbye to unwanted elements like smog, dust, dirt, and insects infiltrating your space. The FAAC AIRSLIDE offers effective protection by limiting the entry of external pollutants.

Installing a FAAC sliding door with the AIRSLIDE system ensures top-notch comfort standards. Experience a significant reduction in annoying drafts from the door, making it the ideal solution for a balanced and draft-free environment.

The FAAC AIRSLIDE stands out as the only automatic sliding door with an integrated air curtain, a patented product that guarantees unparalleled performance. Upgrade your entrance with the FAAC AIRSLIDE and enjoy the perfect blend of innovation and comfort.

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