Power Assist revolving doors

Power assisted revolving doors go with the user’s flow ensuring safe, sustainable and easy operation in purely pedestrian traffic areas.

The new ASSA ABLOY RD100 (previously Besam) power assist revolving door from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems Revolving Door portfolio brings a high level of functionality to any public or private office. Perfect for the entrance that has purely pedestrian traffic, the compact ASSA ABLOY RD100 allows all types of pedestrian traffic to pass through easily and at their own pace.

Initiated by hand, pedestrians push the manually operated door to get it moving, but as soon as the intelligent drive system takes over, a smooth, controlled passage in both directions is guaranteed. Minimal physical exhertion is needed to initiate movement and limited electrical power is required, ultimately reducing effort needed to enter or exit whilst minimising the facility's carbon footprint.

Designed around your Traffic Profile

The ASSA ABLOY RD100 comes with a whole host of intelligent features integrated as standard; but the functionality can be tailored specifically to your facility through a simple, web-based configuration tool. Factors such as for torque, direction, power assistance, parking brake resistance and many others can be controlled remotely by our expert technicians, allowing the performance specification of your entrance to be aligned directly to the needs of your facility and the requirements of your customers.

Safer and more Sustainable

Sustainability and safety are integrated into the ASSA ABLOY RD100, coexisting seamlessly. Motion sensors are situated throughout the door compartments and openings, constantly monitoring for potential hazards. Detecting potential entrapment situations, the ASSA ABLOY RD100 reduces the risk of accidents through mishap and misuse. When 'Return to Park' and 'Stable Park' features are engaged, the door leaf positions are controlled at all times, ensuring the door is always in the ideal position to receive the next user. An additional benefit of precise door wing control and placement is the reduction of unwanted draughts, with the leaves forming a wind barrier to seal the chamber. 

Secure and Protected

With night closing doors as an option, a resitance class certification of RC3 is achievable. Facility owners can rest assured that the ASSA ABLOY RD100 (previously Besam) is independantly certified as burglar resistant to a high standard. Consequently, your business is well protected at all times - even when you’re not around.

Safety Compliance

ASSA ABLOY RD100 is fully compliant with the EN 16005 safety standard and is manufactured, installed and maintained to meet and exceed all European and British standards.

ASSA ABLOY RD100 revolving doors

  • Power supply: 100-240 VAC+10/-15%, 50/60 Hz, mains fuse max. 10 A (building installation)
  • Power consumption: max. 300W
  • Semi-automatic drive
  • Control unit built-in behind the fascia above the inside entrance
  • Emergency stop
  • Independent certification to EN16005:2012
  • Powder-coated finish (RAL colours)
  • Anodizing, clear or bronze
  • Stainless steel cladding
  • Passive safety edges
  • Night closing doors (NCD), manual
  • RC3 burglar resistance according to EN1627:2011
  • Mechanical lock on door leaf
  • Fascia, non-standard: height 200 - 1250 mm
  • Internal height non-standard 2000 - 3000 mm
  • Lighting LED with control